A Benediction for Cairo and Benghazi

“Hijo de trueno, caballero en carcel blanco, hijo de trueno, guianos y haznos vencer”


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5 responses to “A Benediction for Cairo and Benghazi

  1. Heil Hizzle

    I’ll see their Jihad and raise them one crusade. You’ll have trouble getting sympathy though, Thras, as most of the alt-right take the Buchanan/Paul route on foreign policy. White Nationalists hate Jews too much to defend themselves from muslims. It’s a fatal flaw.

    • Nordic Sage was just praising the Moslems for this. I appreciate people feel differently about some things but that I couldn’t stomach.

      • You are dead wrong on this one and you know you are. Denise wrote the article NOT praising anyone. The point of her article was that Muslims take no shit from anyone. They fight back when their culture or their religion is ridiculed, something white men should do instead of cowering.

      • Indeed. With the assistance of St. James and almighty God white men cleared the Iberian peninsula of Moslem oppressors and their Jewish collaborators.

        I won’t say that I’m wrong exactly but I suppose I misread Denise. A lot of paleoconservatives and alt-right people go from admiring Moslem orneriness to admiring Moslems.

  2. Heil Hizzle

    I went to my brother’s Facebook page earlier today, and he is one of these “Generation Y” kids. And he and his callous friends were trading 9/11 jokes with each other. I guess I’m just not very hip, because it wasn’t funny to me.

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