If God Is the Truth, How Can the Truth Be Bad?

On a website called the Resurgence, where topics of interest to Christians are discussed, comes a post stating that science is in no way opposed to religion. Science is the pursuit of the truth, God is truth, so in the end there can be no conflict between these two.

I have recently been excoriated by a man widely recognized as a good Christian as both stupid and a racist for what I have written. To admit to being a “racist” is an extraordinarily dangerous thing so I don’t think I will go there. I am definitely not stupid though. I have been taught that there are no differences between the races, or if they are they are all traceable to white evil; which is to say that whites are different from other races in being uniquely evil, which is to say there are differences between the races, which is self-contradictory. OK, so there are no differences between the races except that white people are uniquely bad. Whatever.

But my personal experience and the empirical evidence have shown me something different- that there are real differences between the races, some trivial, some not so trivial, and some of great import, such as intelligence and inclination to violence. If I have to make a choice between believing the truth and believing in God- something I was told at an early age, and believed for many years- I’ll take the truth. But God is truth, so there is no contradiction and no need to choose.

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