Bible Interpretation and Instruction From the Verse

R.C. Sproul, in a piece published at The Resurgence talks about the importance of carefully interpreting verses pulled from the Bible and used as instruction or wisdom, and the hazard involved in doing this.

In my view it is a serious mistake to pull verses from the Bible, or even short passages and try to use them. Selective quoting is something most Christians seem to do, and a cause of all kinds of mistakes and problems. To me it seems the Bible has to be read and understood holistically- verses and passages don’t stand alone, books barely stand alone, the Testaments don’t even stand alone, everything has to be understood as part of the whole.

Christians, particularly liberal Christians, tend to dismiss the law, but the New Testament makes no sense without the law. If the whole New Testament can’t be understood without the Old Testament, a verse or passage is much more dangerous out of context.

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