Where Is God?

This woman had a pretty horrible life. Years of physical agony, unable to get medical or financial help, and in the end killed herself to escape the pain.

I think the worst part may not have been the disease itself, but the callous way she was treated by everyone she went to for help. Even if a disease is rare, or the doctor is unfamiliar with it or doesn’t understand the patient’s problem, that is no reason for uncompassionate treatment. The element of sexual shame, which is supposed to be extended to all but is really only extended to people with politically correct deviations, was probably a big element too.

You can’t tell from the story what she believed. She mentions what God intended for her, but secular people use that kind of language as well. What is her final destination? The short, generally orthodox Christian answer is that since she was not a formal believer and committed suicide she is spending an eternity in hell.

I hope and believe on some level that God is bigger than that and can take care of everything, even the worst things. I think God cares more about and cares more for people who have suffered and people who seemed far from him than criminals who had self-serving conversions in prison.

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