If Religion Can’t Cope With Evil, Is It Worth Anything?

I was flipping around the channels and came across a discussion program about politics on the Catholic channel, Eternal Word Television Network. It featured a priest/college professor and a lay employee of the bishops’ conference, who did most of the talking. The summary of the discussion is that to be a good Christian, you have to be progressive on every political issue except abortion.

The bishops consider racism, as well as abortion, a “serious moral evil” or words to that effect. And yet to me racism is just a rational response to the empirical evidence. Black people commit robberies and assaults, and make videos of it. But not all black people commit crimes, is the response. And when they do, it is caused by poverty and racism.

Not all black people commit crimes. A hugely disproportionate number do. And the ones who don’t provide support and protection for the ones who do. Black people are very politically powerful and have many privileges, and to oppose a black person in any way leads to serious punishment. Poor people in general have many welfare programs and do not want for necessities- an iPhone is not a necessity, and the lack of one is no reason to steal one from someone else.

So if religion in general and Christianity in particular is not against crime and evil, but instead actually excuses and protects it, and denies clear truth, then it cannot be good, cannot be from God, and is actually crazy and evil. What we think of as Christianity is often no such thing, but bogus political ideas packaged as religion to keep people from opposing them.

A Protestant might say these Catholics, the priest and layman, are wrong by virtue of being Catholic. But actually there is little meaningful difference between liberal Catholics and liberal Protestants in terms of belief. This is only partly a theological matter, and mainly a political and social matter.

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