Idolatry in America

H/t to Lawrence Auster, the NYT has a story about a rape by high school football players in small Ohio town.

The story tells itself, but a few points-

-These people care more about high school football than justice- which contrary to liberal belief is not when criminals, particularly black criminals, get a pass on their crimes, but when evil and wrongdoing are exposed and punished- or the safety of their children.

-The enthusiasm for this activity is pathetic and foolish, obviously, but goes past that to be insane and to the extent it mirrors pagan worship of games and athletes, actually satanic.

-The pagans of old had reason to worship heroes- which in its original context was an exceptional fighter- because they needed men like this as part of community defense. To the extent that games served as military training, the community had reason to encourage it. Even then, if you read the Greek history, the whole thing was a little overboard. Athletics now have little or nothing to do with military skill or training- I went through Marine OCS with a college football player who couldn’t keep up on the runs and was dropped.

-Societies often arrange themselves around the primitive and atavistic. This explains a lot of things traditional Christians hate, like pornography, pop music and culture. Traditional Christians rarely or never make the connection with sports. Sports in these people’s minds are a healthy form of discipline and competition, and athletes are inherently moral people.

-Most if not all of the people involved here are nominal Christians, the majority probably practicing Christians of some sort, and many heavily practicing Christians who attend services weekly and also weekly engage in one or more additional church activities every week. Christians can find a lot of rationalizations for supporting evil, such as “not judging” the football players and judging the girl.

-The girl snuck out using the oldest trick in the book. If the parents believed her conservative upbringing would keep her away form parties, they were extremely naive. Children should be closely supervised as long as possible; on top of that Christian parents need to explain to their children what goes on at parties and how they should protect themselves should they go to that environment without permission. Had the girl had some basic explanations about the effects of alcohol and the reality of party rape, she might have at least drank less and not passed out or made herself defenseless.

-The girl in the end is a pagan sacrifice. The town, regardless of how many Christian churches it may have, including “bible-believing” churches, may as well be Sodom and Gomorrah.

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