Is Jesus Your Life Coach?

I don’t know why I read the Atlantic, since it just pisses me off, but I guess it’s a great resource for knowing what genteel liberals are thinking. Here is something that is on the surface a little different- a woman extolling the Christian virtue of respecting your husband– and yet the whole thing shocks me.

My first reaction was wow, what a flaming, raving bitch. And this is a woman who claims to be a practicing Christian. She was just mean and cruel to her husband, out of an apparently bottomless well of self-righteousness, filled by not only the second-wave feminism she mentions but the liberal Christianity she professes. At least she openly admits feminism sees men as not just corrupt, but useless idiots on a day-to-day basis. Why did she marry him? Why did she get married at all?

What’s worse is her change, which she would describe as a change of heart, but isn’t really any such thing. She decides to stop being a bitch to her husband not because it’s wrong, not because it’s abuse of a creature created in the image of God, but because she realizes it makes her life easier. She does it because it rewards her, such as in the insufferably saccharine episode where he subjects her class to a speech about how great she is. (Why did either of them think this was appropriate? If I’m in a class, of whatever kind I am not interested in the instructor taking time to have a family event.)

On a deep level this is like what you get with the bank robber. Christianity is supposed to be about loving God and other people, which means obeying God because that is part of loving an authority figure, and loving other people because they are created in the image of God. It is not a self-improvement system. It is not supposed to make you a better manager, more effective leader, or happier, although it may do those things. This lady is at root still mainly concerned with her happiness, and she shows no repentance for the way she treated her husband. Her sin wasn’t so much being a nagging, cruel bitch as it was self-centered and self-loving, and in that aspect she hasn’t changed at all.

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