Religious Belief Can Actually Promote Crime

H/t GLPiggy, a study that shows religious belief can actually encourage criminal activity.

This is not surprising. Liberal Christianity has the belief that God has a special and preferential love for the poor and oppressed, and this love can include forgiving their sin without any confession or repentance. The idea that the oppressed includes criminals, people who harm and oppress others, seems to come from Gramscian Marxism. The Victorian reformers had a concern for the poor, but believed they needed to be converted and abandon bad behavior. Liberal Christians moved left in competition with the communists in the 20th century, and the apparent ease with which forgiveness is granted in Christianity makes this belief not implausible.

The idea that any group is exempt from repentance is hardly biblical. In the Gospels Jesus deals with criminals on two occasions. The first is the encounter with Zaccheus, an extortionate tax collector (and rich). Zaccheus resolves to pay back multiples to anyone he has cheated. The second is on the cross; one criminal is defiant, and Jesus ignores him. The other takes full responsibility for his crimes including accepting the death penalty. Jesus promises him paradise. The idea that you can commit a crime with the advance plan of being forgiven seems pretty dubious. You would have to repent of the crime, then repent of knowing it was wrong to begin with and mocking God by deliberately sinning.

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