In Memoriam

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper has indefinitely delayed the execution of Negro armed robber and mass murderer Nathan Dunlap, with the usual justification given in these cases. Arguing with the progressive legal system is hopeless. These Pharisees of the “law” assure us they stand for all that is right, and no one can question them. Nathan Dunlap has been and will be well-cared for, by progressive lawyers and pastors.

But I would like to remember, and offer a humble prayer, for the forgotten victims. To face evil and die by it is a horrible thing, and to survive it is horrible also. The survivors of the robbery who witnessed this and the families of the victims must live not only with the loss, under the worst circumstances, of their loved ones and the horror of seeing it but the endless justifications and excuses for the murderer.

According to progressive Christians, Jesus loves murderers. I’m reminded of Robert Alton Harris, who killed two teenage boys after carjacking them in San Diego. After having them drive to a remote location, he decided he would have a little fun and made them run for their lives. One boy, Michael Baker, prayed to Jesus in his last moments. “Jesus can’t save you now, kid!” Harris told him, then killed him. And indeed, Jesus did not save Michael Baker.

However, if you use progressive Christians as a proxy for Jesus- I don’t, but it would be reasonable to do so- Jesus make a heroic effort to save Robert Alton Harris. A vast array of progressive Christians, up to and including Mother Teresa, asked for clemency for him. California governor Pete Wilson denied it, and so Catholic nun Janet Harris said he was “demonic” and “dances with death”.

No progressive lawyer will ever help the victims. No progressive pastor will ever comfort or counsel them, except to tell them they must unconditionally forgive the murderer and think about their own sin, particularly racism.

I guess there is no hope in human justice, as corrupt as it is. I will offer my prayer for the victims. Protestants can’t pray for the dead, but I’m no orthodox modern Christian anyway- that would mean being a progressive- so I will go ahead. I will not pray for the murderer, or the progressive lawyers and journalists promoting his cause. Jesus told us not to throw our pearls before swine, so I won’t.

Sylvia Crowell
Ben Grant
Colleen O’Connor
Margaret Kohlberg

Peace, salvation and eternal life in the presence of our lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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