The Tyranny of Abusive Affliction

A Cry For Justice

The following article was written by one of our “Anon” ACFJ followers. (Followers? Members? Readers? Maybe we should just say “family”!).  Many thanks to her:

Affliction is something that everyone on this blog has gone through or is in the middle of right now. It is different than “trouble”. Affliction bears a different sting and is usually longer lasting and sometimes comes with more than one blow at a time. Affliction can tend to make us feel isolated and alone. It comes in different ways and varying packages. We know it here on this blog, as abuse.

Doing a little studying on this term proved beneficial and interesting and I would like to just share a few things with you, hoping that it brings some understanding and healing. We are all needing to get out our shovels and start unloading all the dirt that has buried us so we can…

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