What Is The Relationship Between Christianity and Judaism?

The Occidental Observer has a piece about how the Roman Catholic Church changed its official position on the relationship between Christians and Jews– from one of opposition to one of “fellowship”, or “friendship”, however one-sided.

A plain reading of the New Testament shows Jesus opposed and condemned no one so strongly- in fact he didn’t condemn or oppose anyone, except for calling them to repentance, with this one exception- than the Pharisees. In fact, Jesus tells us there only one unforgivable sin- the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus performed his miracles not through his own power, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, and when the Pharisees said he had this power from Satan, they blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

What do the Pharisees have to do with Jews today? The Old Testament makes no mention of Jesus, and to the extent that Jews follow the Old Testament, they can be considered to be in the word, if only partially. The Talmud, however, which while itself is not a religious document but interprets and instructs from the Old Testament- says that Jesus was a sorcerer. No contemporary source denies that Jesus performed miracles. The question was how he did them.

Christianity can’t “supercede” Judaism, as Jews accused Christians of doing, because Judaism is actually a newer religion than Christianity. It had its origin before Jesus- as the Hebrews started to live around a lot of foreigners and looked for ways to make their culture and way of life distinct and separate- but only came into existence in its present form after the destruction of the Second Temple and the establishment of formal schools of Old Testament instruction with the permission of the Roman Emperor- schools that produced the Talmud.

To the extent that Jews live by the OT and don’t harm anyone else, they are no more opposed to Christians than any other pre-Christian religion. To the extent Jews follow the Talmud, which has a lot of anti-gentilism, they have to be considered opponents of Christianity.

To people who hate Christianity for laying down for hostile Jews and other enemies of Europeans- this is a recent development. For most of its history Christianity has opposed Jewish racism and exploitation.

The way the change has typically worked is that Protestants came up with something anti-Catholic, which eventually became anti-Christian, then anti-white. Martin Luther didn’t want to help Catholics against Turkish invasion, so he said the Crusades were evil and war was evil. This later became an attack on Christians and then Europeans. Protestants, as urban people have tended to use Jews as a model so their attacks on Catholics over strict sexual morality and anti-Semitism became attacks on Christians and then whites in the same way.


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3 responses to “What Is The Relationship Between Christianity and Judaism?

  1. Hizzle

    Criticizing Jews in terms of their religion is a waste of time, since the most destructive Jews are the ones who are only culturally Jewish and have no real religious convictions. The truth is that the Hasidim and Orthodox, that is the Jews who have religious conviction, aren’t really a threat. They consider themselves superior to everyone, but they are insular and they tend to self-segregate into communities that form bulwarks against really hideous black and brown pathology in urban areas (see New York; also Hasidim neighborhoods were the only NYC strongholds to vote for Romney).

    The Jews who are balls-deep into the culture wars and harvesting young goyim for their literal wars are typically secular types who just “happen to be culturally Jewish.” This category includes everyone from Bill Kristol to Jon Stewart to Lloyd Blankfein.

    Theology shouldn’t even enter into it. These guys ditched actual religion (or morality) a long time ago, much like the Puritan-Quaker globalists you’re always railing about.

  2. As to the question of the title, the answer is none.

    The so-called jews of today is/are descendants of the Pharisees, the Christ hater/killers of Jesus’ day. Their killing of him, using the Romans as a proxy who did the dirty work, set a precedent/archetype which became part of their character/nature down through history since that time. The destruction of their city by Rome in 70 AD was likewise a precedent/archetype/symbol/metaphor of what they would eventually become. Jews of today always use someone else to do their dirty work, which is a particular character aspect of Satan.

    They, as a special embodiment/instrument of Satan in the world have become, because of their rebellion and rejection, a continuous “Jesus Christ killer”, killing Him over and over again down through history as He is represented by those who are attempting to follow and advocate the moral law of God while living in the abominable culture surrounding them like Lot in Sodom.

    Atheistic WN’s are unable to separate Christianity’s true form from Jewry because of their Spiritual blindness. “Jesus was a Jew”….no. “Christianity is a Jewish entity”….no. “Israel is jewry”…..no.

    The jew, like present day rebellious children, are at war against the father figure; ie, God. Anywhere “goodness” tries to become manifested in the culture, Satan’s instrument- the jew- tries to squelch/shut it up/ keep it from being manifested, because he/they know if it is successful, the roles will be put back the way they belong and they along with their master will have to go “underground”- stop being manifested themselves.

    An example of the squelching/shut up mechanism is when judges throughout the country thwart the will of the people; ie, goodness, by declaring the peoples will to goodness/righteousness and moral law as being “unconstitutional” and shutting it down.

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