God Bless America?

I live in a place where the PC is strong, and I saw a “God Bless All Nations” bumper sticker today. You may have seen it, or an older variation, “America Bless God”. In either case, the sentiment is clear- that the idea of invoking God to bless America is chauvinistic, jingoistic, or arrogant.

But what is the real nature of this song? Do these people even know, or care? Progressives usually don’t. I was compelled to think- where did this song come from?- and thinking about it I was pretty sure this popular song, like so many of the 20th century, was not written by some Christian superpatriot, but by a Jew.

Looking it up, I was right, as I usually am. “God Bless America” was written by Isaiah Berlin. What fever of American exceptionalism gripped the poor man to express such an awful sentiment?

In writing the song Berlin was simply exercising the command God gives to Jews in Jeremiah 29:7– to pray for the peace and prosperity of the places to which they are exiled, because it will be their prosperity as well.

So, to criticize the song or sentiment “God Bless America” is actually anti-Semitic! Can you believe the nerve of these people?

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