How the Jews Should Respond to Golden Dawn

Some Jews are quite angry about the criticisms and complaints that the Greek social nationalist political party, Golden Dawn, has made about Jews in the international financial community on the subject of the massive debt that the Greek nation is burdened by.

They have responded by meeting with Greek government leaders and demanding that Golden Dawn be declared a criminal organization and its leaders be arrested. All this over fight in which a man who went by the name “Killah P” was himself killed. An “antifascist”- a leftists who uses street violence against people he doesn’t like- who uses the African-American gang moniker “Killah”- despite being neither African nor even American, hardly seems like an innocent lamb slaughtered by vicious thugs, but that’s how it’s being portrayed. Their request has been granted.

This is surprising to me because what Jews call the Torah, and Christians the Old Testament, addresses this issue directly, and any Jew familiar with his own scriptures can simply and directly answer these complaints and criticisms in this way-

“People of Greece, and Golden Dawn. The law of the Jews addresses the issue of debt in this way. No debt may be permanent. All debts are to be cancelled in the seventh year, and all held in bondage on account of a debt are to be freed in the seventh year. No man is required to labor forever under a debt, but only for a reasonable period, and if unable to pay he is relieved. A Jew may argue this law does not apply to non-Jews, but we believe in the fullness of time all the world will worship our G-d and come under our laws. We also believe no Jew should behave in a way that brings discredit to our people. Thus any man or nation laboring underneath an unpayable debt to a Jew can ask for, and receive relief after a reasonable period of time. We cannot speak directly on a debt to a non-Jew, but because we believe the law we received from G-d is just, holy, and intended for all mankind in the fullness of time, this should apply for that debt as well. You say you are living under debts to Jews and payment is demanded cruelly and unjustly. You may request relief from any Jew or any Gentile under our laws. Any Jew refusing relief will be in violation of the specific laws of our people, and any Gentile will also be under the judgment of G-d for his unjust behavior. We shun and call for the judgment of G-d on any person behaving unjustly in this way.”

This of course leads to the “no true Scotsman” or in this case “no true Jew” problem. The thing is bankruptcy or default is just financial reality in a lot of situations. Bankruptcy laws exist to see that this happens in an orderly fashion. The alternative is permanent debt slavery, which existed in ancient societies, or debtor’s prison, which existed until quite recently. Jewish law expressly forbids both of these.

Ironically the Jews accuse Golden Dawn of being Nazis when the Nazis looted Greece but then German reparations to Greece were cancelled just after the war, for geopolitical reasons. Now the entities holding Greek government debt- and the Euro debt of other economically devastated southern European countries- are largely German banks. The Jews could stick it to the Germans by demanding debt relief- it’s always fun to tell other people to do the right thing- a little too fun, which is why we’re supposed to do it with care.

If you don’t want people to be anti-Semitic, locking them up for it is probably not the best strategy. As free speech absolutists like to say, the answer to bad speech isn’t censorship, it’s more speech. The answer to anti-Semitism is more Semitism, that is looking to and following OT law, a divinely inspired example of God’s justice. If you don’t want people to be fascists, locking them up for being fascists is probably not the best strategy either, but dealing with the things that cause them to be fascists such as foreign domination and attacks on the culture, through immigration and finance.

From both the Jewish and the liberal standpoint, debt relief is a big part of the answer to Greece’s problems. But you don’t here anything about this, beyond the limited bailout that Greece has received already. I suspect that’s because Jews aren’t very Jewish, and liberals aren’t very liberal.



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  1. The Talmudic religion strongly de-emphasizes Torah study, according to Michael A. Hoffman’s survey of the Talmud.

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