The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network

I found this, a list of blogs by people who regard themselves as survivors of spiritual abuse.

I certainly regard myself as a survivor of spiritual abuse. The thing is that spiritual abuse is regarded as pretty much only a conservative phenomenon. While to an extent the spiritual environment I grew up in was conservative, to a harmful extent- beliefs about sexual behavior that were so strict and unrealistic that my brother and sister aren’t sexually functional at all- it was mostly progressive, something I’m going to write about here, and submit to them. Everything I write here of course is related to spiritual abuse more or less.

It’s widely agreed among right-thinking people that conservative religion is bad, and that people of conservative beliefs getting involved in politics is really bad, getting any kind of an answer about the potential harm of progressive religion.

I don’t think they would recognize the legitimacy of any of my beliefs, as a white nationalist more or less Kinist Christian, for which I don’t really blame them, since I’m waaaaaaayyyyyy out past anything that is socially acceptable. But I also don’t think they will acknowledge the legitimacy of my experience or the harm progressive religion does.

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