Love, that moves the Sun and other stars……..

I went to a baseball game recently. I don’t really like baseball, and don’t follow it, but I hadn’t been to a baseball game in years and my wife had never been to one, so I thought it would be a nice activity.

We had a wonderful time. Live baseball is good entertainment. I don’t think baseball translates well to TV at all. Other sports go largely back and forth on the court or field, albeit with movement across also, but in baseball it’s continuously at all angles across a square, and I think that is much harder to put on a screen.

In the nosebleed seats, we had a great view of the stadium and the city. It was all very beautiful. And it occurred to me, that all these beautiful things- the stadium, the city and its buildings, the game on the field, even the food at the concessions- was created not by the magical spirit of this age, Adam Smith’s “enlightened self-interest” or his “Invisible Hand” but by love.

Things being created by love is a bizarre concept to the modern mind, even the modern Christian mind. Things are created by human effort. Love is a feeling that may or may not motivate us, but it isn’t a power.

The title comes from Dante. The people of medieval times, lacking the concept of Newtonian physics, believed in love as an actual force that moved the universe, as modern people believe in the four fundamental forces.

We can certainly see how the laws of physics order the universe, but this doesn’t explain the creation of things by people. For all the people of the city and stadium- the laborers and craftsmen, the architects and engineers, the drivers, the cooks and dishwashers, the players and coaches, I believe they are moved essentially by love.

On some level, I believe that love is not just the true fundamental force, but the only thing that is real. All else will pass away, and only love will remain.

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