Reading Genesis- WTF

I find a lot of the Bible rough going, but especially Genesis. I was reading it a little while ago, and my recall of its opacity was confirmed. A couple of things that stuck in my mind-

-In what is usually called “the Flood” it rains, which had not happened before, but God also unleashes the “fountains of the deep”. In ending, or reversing, the separation of the waters above from the waters below, he actually reverses creation until a fairly early point, when he originally did this. “The Flood” is a lot more than a flood, even a world-wide epic flood that covers everything.

-Melchizedek is the king of Jerusalem and a, or the, priest of the one God. Abraham honors him, he does not honor Abraham, and he completely pre-exists and is outside of the Hebrew religion. There is a lot of debate about who and what Melchizedek was, but his existence has huge implications about how we regard everything else that comes after.


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3 responses to “Reading Genesis- WTF

  1. Fidelio

    This is really interesting. Thank you.

  2. Fidelio

    The casual Christian has not heard of Melchizedek. The vague general notion of beginnings is Abraham inaugurated everything, but this suggests, hints at, a whole religious edifice preceding him. I’d never heard of this before and it’s strange. Thank you for bringing it to light.

  3. ConantheContrarian

    At my church a group is studying the book of Hebrews, which mentions Melchizedek. Could Mel be a person of a rare tribe who remembers the pre flood Elohim? Could he be Shem or a close descendant of Shem? Why does Abram give him tithes? This tithe giving seems like tribute of some sort.

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