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Is Confession The Summit of Christianity?

I found this, about the sins Catholics must confess before receiving communion.

What this practically means is no one can go to communion, ever. Because everyone has these sins in their head all the time. Martin Luther tried to deal with this by spending hours a day in the confessional, but he still couldn’t do it.

Confession was part of John the Baptist’s baptism, and baptism continued to be important in Christianity, but Jesus never insisted on confession before he did anything for anybody. The people he encountered, to the extent they had sin to confess, seemed to be aware of it and he didn’t go into it.

Much more important it seems to me is what Jesus was willing to do and was willing to give.


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Lies; Or, Shut Up, He Explained

Rachel Held Evans is a progressive Christian writer with a blog on her site, on which she usually posts relatively harmless foolishness about women’s and gay issues. With the circus in Ferguson, she veers into Alinskyite agitation with the standard progressive line when a black scumbag gets killed- cold-blooded murder of honor student on his way to choir practice by evil racist white cop/vigilante.

This whole thing was always retarded, but it gets more and more retarded as the decades go by. It’s based on demonstrably false ideas and statements, about the general and the specific. Lies backed by menacing threats are the basis of leftism, which are bad enough for a natural law materialist, but positively- and I say this in the strongest way possible- evil and Satanic for anyone claiming to believe in God.

God is the truth. The truth is God. Nothing that is a lie can be from God, nor can God ever lie.

Satan is, on the other hand, “a liar, and the father of lies” as Jesus says in John 8:44. If you are knowing and deliberately lying you are acting in concert with Satan. If you are lying because everybody else is and it’s the cool thing to do, you are still responsible for the truth as in the first case. I made the following comment, got a lot of power spoken to truth, and deleted it and changed it and most of my responses to the responses to brief referrals to the truth.

“The devil is a liar, and the father of lies. So anything that is a lie, that is not true, is from the devil.

“Almost everything in the media about the Trayvon Martin case was a lie. Martin attacked and was doing serious bodily harm to a man he felt had insulted him, which man then used deadly force to defend himself. The initial police conclusion was correct. It was overturned by black political pressure, and made a murder trial before a jury, which returned a verdict of legal self-defense.

“The OJ Simpson jury included ten nice, middle class black people- the kind of people who qualify for jury duty- who concluded it was perfectly OK for a rich, famous, powerful black man to kill two relatively powerless white people. Almost all blacks cheered the verdict including nice, middle class black people I knew personally.

“Almost everything we see now is a lie, and will turn out to be a lie. We now see security camera pictures of “teen” Michael Brown roughing up a convenience store clerk to steal some cigars. I’ll bet a few dollars that the shooting happened exactly the way the cop said it did.

“The truth is many black people do bad things, far more proportionately than whites, and almost all black people who do not do bad things support those black people who do.”

I stand by this. No one actually contradicted me about the truth of this, only that I was an evil racist to think it.

Progressive Christianity has a bad reputation even among progressive atheists who should be friendly with it because it’s associated with a lot of lies, lies that progressive atheists themselves generally adhere to about the inherent goodness of poor people and non-whites and the ability of education and social science to save them. Atheists are at least smart and rational enough to not to push this too hard, hence the emphasis in recent years of progressives on the environment, gay issues and marijuana legalization.

The truth will come out here, like it did with Trayvon Martin, and nobody will care, like they did with Trayvon Martin. But the truth is the truth, even if we are only accountable to the God of Reason.

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My Cross to Bear

Who the hell wants to bear a cross? And yet it seems to be inevitable, if you try to be a good person in a bad world, that you will.

From a standpoint of personal advantage, being good is a sucker’s game. You will be vulnerable to attack and fraud from the malevolent. Being bad does not work out that great either, though. Bad people eventually piss enough other people off that they decide to put them out of business. Numerous mafia types, Pablo Escobar and Saddam Hussein are examples.

Threading some middle ground of being bad enough to get advantage, but not so bad people get fed up and decide to take you out, seems to be the sweet spot. There’s no glamor in that though. And people kind of hate that, you could be like one of the people who can’t even get into hell in the Inferno, or one of those people who gets spit out being neither hot nor cold.

That leaves being good, or attempting it. According to game theory, cooperation evolves when people find cooperation gives them overall better benefit than betrayal, or in more informal language, “screwing people over”.

Experiments show the best strategy for cooperation is “tit for tat”, or always attempting to cooperate first, then doing whatever the other player does- either cooperation or betray.

This is effective because it encourages cooperation, but does not reward bad behavior. It is even more effective because it doesn’t assume bad behavior is permanent, but goes back to cooperation when good behavior returns. The catch is it can never produce a higher score than a strategy that betrays first- it produces overall better results against a variety of players, but can never come out ahead with just one.

Most people are bad or neutral, but the presence of a certain number of good people makes the environment much better than it would be otherwise. This is what is meant by “the salt of the earth”- salt preserves meat and keeps it from going bad.

But- but-, sputters the progressive Christian, we are always supposed to love our enemies and return good for evil! First of all, this is one of those situations where when a progressive says “we” he means “you”. Second, Jesus set a limit to cooperation. Cooperation is supposed to provide a positive outcome, and when it doesn’t you are “throwing pearls before swine”.

So, you don’t need to be a martyr to bad people, but you will suffer. Choosing to behave this way is an existential matter- you can do it because you think it’s the right thing to do, or makes you feel good about yourself, or glorifies God.

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