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The Real Sin of the Homosexuals- Pride

You have no doubt read that Indiana is getting trashed, for passing a law to prevent bakers from being forced to bake gay wedding cakes. They are getting it very hard, from all the usual suspects and more, boycotts and everything.

Why the good people even care about an inconsequential place like Indiana- solely inhabited by rubes- illustrates a point.

The problem with gays is not so much that they are gay, or having gay sex, it’s that they insist that everyone regard this as normal, that no one be repelled by them. Unfortunately most people find gay sex gross and immoral.

The choice a homosexual has is to be private and discreet about his behavior, or be aggressively open about it. For most gays at most times the only real choice has been the first.

With urbanization, as I have written, a lot of behavior that is impossible or impractical for rural people becomes possible, especially sexual perversion. Note that only urbanization is required, not industrialization, or modernization. Thus open and aggressive homosexual behavior became possible as soon as there were cities, thousands of years ago.

The social role homosexuals have always played until recently was as servants of the rich. Either they provided esthetic services, like art, theater, floral service and clothing, or they were actual domestic servants. Not having a family, a homosexual would be ideal as a servant or possibly as some other kind of agent, available at all hours of the day and night.

Eunuchs were often used in palaces, but since there is a little confusion about what exactly a eunuch was, many were likely homosexuals. Gays claim this to be the case; many could have been castrated heterosexual males, but many could have been castrated homosexual males, or non-castrated homosexual males. Since the point of castration is to prevent sex with upper-class women, if a male was obviously homosexual they may have been spared castration. Or gays could have been employed as servants, just as they were recently, without any formal eunuch status.

So you have a city with a concentration of homosexuals serving the powerful. The people they serve like their servants, and don’t care what they do sexually, in fact preferring it because it makes them more available as workers and less threatening to the women. Anybody else will not get into conflict with them, because the servants of the powerful can make your life very miserable. There has been a gay mafia as long as there have been gays, and they can make people bow down before them.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is pretty strange on the face of it. A Bronze Age city in the Middle East, run by a homosexual rape gang? But it’s not too far-fetched. Once the gays become the powerful, trusted servants and advisors of the rich, they can one night get out the knives and kill their masters and take over.

Pro-homosexuals like to claim the primary sin of the Sodomites was pride, but that was exactly the point. Because of pride, they had to force others to accept their behavior as normal, and that meant taking over and crushing all opposition. If you have a sin, that’s one thing, but if you cannot accept that you have a sin, if you want others to accept it, you have to rule them through fear and intimidation.

We will have legal gay marriage in a few months, via the US Supreme Court and the “Emerging Awareness” doctrine. You will be required to salute the hat. But salute the hat or don’t, it doesn’t change the reality of homosexuality.


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Mars Hill, With a Little Perspective…….

The Mars Hill/Mark Driscoll conniption is over and forgotten, pretty much. I’m guessing they are on to something else at Patheos. I was pretty angry about it at the time, but I’ve had time to cool down.

Driscoll really liked being in the media spotlight. He is a smart guy, but didn’t realize the only reason the media puts a guy like him in the spotlight is to call in an air strike. They waited, until he produced a huge, juicy target, then they nuked him.

The publicity brought a lot of people to the church. But it was too many, too soon, and too many of the wrong kind of people. Too many wanted a nice church experience, and not the kind of Pauline tough love Driscoll was dishing out.

I suspect what pushed people over the edge was the Real Marriage series. Not the book scandal, but just the series and the ensuing group discussions. Getting together to talk with your neighbors about marriage and the ancilliary topics of sex, premarital sex, sexual abuse, promiscuity, adultery and the like is a recipe for a lot of raw feelings. I think it pushed a lot of people over the edge from being willing to question their lives to a certain painful and difficult extent to making them angry at the leadership and wanting to leave.

If you want to have a church that seriously confronts current norms, you need to do it pretty low-key and not draw too much attention to yourself. Grow by word of mouth and the people who want and need to be there and most importantly are ready will come. Get people who are not ready for the confrontation and you will have trouble.

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Jewish Moneylending Versus Christian Charity

The Occidental Observer has a series up on the new usury, super high-interest loans made through the internet, along with payday lending and similar loans. The Jewish connection, and the contrast with the charity the lenders generously offer other Jews, is highlighted.

The one nice thing about debt is that it can be defaulted on, although that’s harder now since the banks got their bankruptcy “reform” around 2005. Not defaulted on it is a terrible burden.

In ancient times however unpaid debt led to slavery, a fate worse that death for a free man and his family. Still people took the chance, and maybe they paid the loan off, or maybe they didn’t and their family was destroyed. Seeing your children bought by a brothel keeper would have been beyond imagining.

Jewish involvement in usurious lending, slave trading and prostitution goes back to the Roman Empire. People in financial difficulty might not have any choice but to sell or abandon children, or take debts they had little chance of repaying. There just wasn’t any social alternative. There was no charity.

Then a new religion came along, and the members cared not only for each other, but for strangers when they could. If you were destitute you could get food and clothing, or you could get nursing and medical care if sick.

The return of usury is a relatively recent thing. Interest rates were limited until around thirty years ago. The banks didn’t like this, so they moved their credit card operations to South Dakota, one of the few states without usury laws. The backlash against 60’s socialism and the new respectability of business- and a desire for back office jobs- led to the repeal of usury laws everywhere.

This new social environment was the creation of Protestant Republicans as much as anyone, and Protestant Republicans- including Florida Senator Bill McCulloch- got the bankruptcy laws modified to make sure the debts were collected. Into this vacuum it is hardly surprising Jews moved to make money off the most desperate, a big business version of the pawnbroker.

Poor people need someplace where they can get help if they need it, social and personal discipline if they need it, and a way to help other people like themselves. But telling people they can’t have whatever sex they want is a drag, and you can be a good person by voting for Obama, who will make sure the rich people give money to blacks. Most evangelical churches are eager to give money to Africans while telling people in their community to man up and get a job.


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Pornography and the Internet Democratize Sexual Degeneracy

It used to be being a sexual degenerate wasn’t easy. It took looks, social skills, money, and/or social status. In a highly stratified society it still wasn’t too hard, if only due to the availability of cheap prostitutes. Venereal disease or inconvenient pregnancy was still a risk. In a low-stratification environment differences in power, money or status wouldn’t help support it, but in a high-stratification environment- any city ever- it would be easier.

Rich people have always had the ability to be sexually degenerate, and it has generally been understood that rich people can do what they want. A recent peak of this was the Regency period of the early 19th century in England. Being rich, beautiful, and being sexually pursued by rich, beautiful men is a big fantasy for women, as we see in the many romance novels set in this environment.

Around this time England was also urbanizing, and displaced peasants didn’t have the social constraints they had in the country, so they went crazy as well. This became inconvenient for the powerful, so in the Victorian era sexual morality was encouraged.

In the 20th century the new elite, the moral elite of educators and social reformers, decided they liked sexual degeneracy but they couldn’t have one set of rules for themselves and one for everyone else- this was their critique of the old elite. So they decided it should be OK for everyone to do whatever they wanted sexually.

This didn’t change the difficulty of doing it so it didn’t catch on quickly. Then came antibiotics, then oral birth control, then legal abortion, along with automobiles, more prosperity, and more young people away from their parents.

Still a lot of people couldn’t participate, or only in a limited fashion. Pornography became more available around this time, in print form, and even poor and ugly men can afford this. But you had to go buy it, which was embarrassing. Movie theaters showed pornographic movies, but again it was embarrassing to go in.

Home video made seeing filmed pornography easier to see. Then the internet made available to everyone in their home.

Being a voyeur is a kind of sexual degenerate. It’s a pretty poor kind, with none of the prestige of being a sexually promiscuous man, but it’s one nonetheless. Being one kind of sexual degenerate makes it very difficult to criticize any other, which is the whole point.

The bar can be set many different places, high or low, but God sets it pretty high. You don’t even have to look at porn, there are plenty of people just watching around you can get porno about. The logical choice- the choice we are patiently presented with, again and again- is to just give up. But as we have seen, there is another option, to hold up the ideal publicly even if we can’t do it privately and just keep trying.


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