Jewish Moneylending Versus Christian Charity

The Occidental Observer has a series up on the new usury, super high-interest loans made through the internet, along with payday lending and similar loans. The Jewish connection, and the contrast with the charity the lenders generously offer other Jews, is highlighted.

The one nice thing about debt is that it can be defaulted on, although that’s harder now since the banks got their bankruptcy “reform” around 2005. Not defaulted on it is a terrible burden.

In ancient times however unpaid debt led to slavery, a fate worse that death for a free man and his family. Still people took the chance, and maybe they paid the loan off, or maybe they didn’t and their family was destroyed. Seeing your children bought by a brothel keeper would have been beyond imagining.

Jewish involvement in usurious lending, slave trading and prostitution goes back to the Roman Empire. People in financial difficulty might not have any choice but to sell or abandon children, or take debts they had little chance of repaying. There just wasn’t any social alternative. There was no charity.

Then a new religion came along, and the members cared not only for each other, but for strangers when they could. If you were destitute you could get food and clothing, or you could get nursing and medical care if sick.

The return of usury is a relatively recent thing. Interest rates were limited until around thirty years ago. The banks didn’t like this, so they moved their credit card operations to South Dakota, one of the few states without usury laws. The backlash against 60’s socialism and the new respectability of business- and a desire for back office jobs- led to the repeal of usury laws everywhere.

This new social environment was the creation of Protestant Republicans as much as anyone, and Protestant Republicans- including Florida Senator Bill McCulloch- got the bankruptcy laws modified to make sure the debts were collected. Into this vacuum it is hardly surprising Jews moved to make money off the most desperate, a big business version of the pawnbroker.

Poor people need someplace where they can get help if they need it, social and personal discipline if they need it, and a way to help other people like themselves. But telling people they can’t have whatever sex they want is a drag, and you can be a good person by voting for Obama, who will make sure the rich people give money to blacks. Most evangelical churches are eager to give money to Africans while telling people in their community to man up and get a job.



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3 responses to “Jewish Moneylending Versus Christian Charity

  1. Usury doesn’t mean exorbitant interest rates. It means any form of lending at interest. As such, it’s resurgence is NOT a recent thing.

    See Rothbard’s work on economic thought before Adam Smith.

    This is the work that converted me from an Austrian school libertarian to neo-reaction, and eventually “national socialism”.

  2. Hizzle

    An older Jewish acquaintance of mine once confessed that black antisemitism was justified, that pawnshops, RTOs (remember Richard Pryor used to do these commercials?), and liquor stores in black neighborhoods were Jewish-owned.

    You will find a great disproportion of people involved in financial scams (like the real Wolf of Wall Street, played by the non-Jew Dicaprio in the Scorsese film) are Jewish, but that plenty of people involved in the hustle aren’t Jews. The bottom line is that you’ll never convince the Jews that the antisemites are right as a matter of proportion, and you’ll never convince the antisemites that they’re wrong as a matter of absolutes. It goes without saying, though, that the most viscerally and physically repulsive moneylenders are Jews, though (see Lloyd Blankfein).

    • Non-Jewish financial exploiters use libertarian rationalizations; Jewish ones use this plus a sense of racial and religious superiority, which is not any more or less moral or ethical from a logical standpoint but it’s more appalling.

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