The Real Sin of the Homosexuals- Pride

You have no doubt read that Indiana is getting trashed, for passing a law to prevent bakers from being forced to bake gay wedding cakes. They are getting it very hard, from all the usual suspects and more, boycotts and everything.

Why the good people even care about an inconsequential place like Indiana- solely inhabited by rubes- illustrates a point.

The problem with gays is not so much that they are gay, or having gay sex, it’s that they insist that everyone regard this as normal, that no one be repelled by them. Unfortunately most people find gay sex gross and immoral.

The choice a homosexual has is to be private and discreet about his behavior, or be aggressively open about it. For most gays at most times the only real choice has been the first.

With urbanization, as I have written, a lot of behavior that is impossible or impractical for rural people becomes possible, especially sexual perversion. Note that only urbanization is required, not industrialization, or modernization. Thus open and aggressive homosexual behavior became possible as soon as there were cities, thousands of years ago.

The social role homosexuals have always played until recently was as servants of the rich. Either they provided esthetic services, like art, theater, floral service and clothing, or they were actual domestic servants. Not having a family, a homosexual would be ideal as a servant or possibly as some other kind of agent, available at all hours of the day and night.

Eunuchs were often used in palaces, but since there is a little confusion about what exactly a eunuch was, many were likely homosexuals. Gays claim this to be the case; many could have been castrated heterosexual males, but many could have been castrated homosexual males, or non-castrated homosexual males. Since the point of castration is to prevent sex with upper-class women, if a male was obviously homosexual they may have been spared castration. Or gays could have been employed as servants, just as they were recently, without any formal eunuch status.

So you have a city with a concentration of homosexuals serving the powerful. The people they serve like their servants, and don’t care what they do sexually, in fact preferring it because it makes them more available as workers and less threatening to the women. Anybody else will not get into conflict with them, because the servants of the powerful can make your life very miserable. There has been a gay mafia as long as there have been gays, and they can make people bow down before them.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is pretty strange on the face of it. A Bronze Age city in the Middle East, run by a homosexual rape gang? But it’s not too far-fetched. Once the gays become the powerful, trusted servants and advisors of the rich, they can one night get out the knives and kill their masters and take over.

Pro-homosexuals like to claim the primary sin of the Sodomites was pride, but that was exactly the point. Because of pride, they had to force others to accept their behavior as normal, and that meant taking over and crushing all opposition. If you have a sin, that’s one thing, but if you cannot accept that you have a sin, if you want others to accept it, you have to rule them through fear and intimidation.

We will have legal gay marriage in a few months, via the US Supreme Court and the “Emerging Awareness” doctrine. You will be required to salute the hat. But salute the hat or don’t, it doesn’t change the reality of homosexuality.


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  1. John

    “Rubes” in Indiana? It’s the only Red State in the entire region!

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