God Hates Fags, and God Hates America

Not too much has been said, since it was a foregone conclusion and expected for a long time.

I haven’t read Justice Kennedy’s sentimental ruling. We already knew the law is whatever they want it to be, for whatever reason they want. And Kennedy’s status as a “conservative” is of no consequence- of course he has singlehandedly built the “constitutional” “law” of gay rights, but a conservative is just another kind of progressive.

Amusingly- or not, as it may strike you- Greg Johnson of Counter Currents has run through the standard arguments against gay marriage, and finds them wanting. Like many other conservatives and “neo-reactionaries” he has a horror of being thought of as one of those people, not modern, not sophisticated. It wouldn’t save him, and he knows it, but at least he can feel like the most orthodox zek in the camp.

But allow me to be frank. Sodomy is wicked. Wicked is a very old-fashioned word, hardly ever used, unlike evil, bad, or disgusting. But “wicked” implies deliberate defiance, in ways these other words don’t.

Sexual perversion is a big deal. TPTB have spent the last 150 years assuring us it wasn’t, which is just more proof it is. Revelations assures us that outside of the City of God, the New Jerusalem, will be “the murderers and the sexually immoral.” Sexual perversion, and particularly sodomy, defy God and defile man in unique ways. And they create a bond of evil among perverts to subvert and destroy society.

Here’s the thing- lots of countries have gay marriage. But they just say, “OK, we will let the fags play house.” The US is unique in that contrary to the will of the people, sodomite “marriage” is now a sacred human right.

America is now a fag country. Every official American, especially the military, represents the sacralization of sodomy. Think of an Arab in the boondocks of Syria or Iraq, or a Pashtun in the mountains of Afghanistan. The American soldiers that pass through represent now, not meaningless foreign concepts like “democracy” or “freedom” but the sacralization of sodomy, a gross evil very real to him, that he seeks to protect his children from at all costs. Why would he held them in any way? Why would he not help ISIS or the Taliban, who are at least not trying to establish a regime where butt sex is a sacred right.

Fred Phelps was right. He saw something in Tulsa, something terrible, and he realized what was coming for the US.

God is not mocked. Or, if you will, the God of nature, or nature is not mocked. God will repay, eventually.


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5 responses to “God Hates Fags, and God Hates America

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  2. Madoc

    I’ve been reading your blogs since exactly a year ago to this day, and you have not let me down.

    This is what I needed to read, brother. Stay strong in Christ.

  3. John Gardner

    I believe that the confusion arises from the misunderstanding of some basic concepts:

    – God gave us free will; it is our choice to sin or repent
    – We have compassion for sinners, but this doesn’t mean we condone their behavior. It just means that we can forgive their trespasses (as difficult as that can be)
    – We are equal before God, meaning we are all children of God. However, we all have our different gifts and burdens. To carry our individual burdens requires us to have faith in God and pray to him for strength on those days when our burdens are especially hard.

    Homosexuality and sodomy have existed since Man first walked this earth. That doesn’t make it right. That just means that those sins have existed.

    Homosexuality is not natural. God made man to cleave to his wife so they can become one flesh…. a beautiful union.

    I was sexually abused as a child…. I’m also diabetic and now have an artificial hip… and even though I’m in my 50’s I still battle for self-control and maturity at times…. so I pray… I have faith… I forgive the trespasses of others and my own trespasses.

    All one has to do is to visualize having anal sex with another man to know that it is not natural and is wrong. Ask the judges to imagine being sodomized or receiving anal sex… do they feel good about it? Does it allow for procreation?

    The truth is very plain and right in front of us. All we have to do is to look and see what is in front of our noses.


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