Decide This Day Whom You Will Serve

I’m in a New York area airport- airports are no fun, but New York airports are a little less fun- and I see a young woman walking by on the other side of the security glass wearing a black t-shirt with big white lettering on it. It said, in part, “blessed are the destroyers of false hope” but I didn’t get the rest.

I thought, “Hmmm, maybe that’s from Jeremiah” so I googled it. After all, it makes sense. False hope is best destroyed. Hope in money, power, pleasure, status, all the false things people place hope in. Abandon your hope in these things, people. It will hurt at first, but you will quickly feel much, much better. Sort of like being seasick, and then you get on land and you’re magically better.

But no. It’s from the Satanic bible. It turns out Anton LaVey thought hope in God was false hope. But Anton LaVey is dead and God is alive.

What kind of society do we live in that someone feels perfectly comfortable wearing a Satan-worshipper t-shirt in public? You already knew the answer, of course.

I would like to have asked her about it. I can’t say power worship is an irrational choice, really, but she was getting on a commercial flight, most likely coach, while the people actually benefitting from worshipping power and money where on the other side of the airport, getting on their corporate jets.

I think the girl and people like her are more ignorant than anything else. I pray they will repent of this.


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7 responses to “Decide This Day Whom You Will Serve

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  2. Bruce

    I immediately (before reading on) assumed it was some sort of mockery since the language is the language of the beatitudes and it clearly wasn’t one of the beatitudes. I’m not a very good student of the Bible. Is there something like the beatitudes in the OT?

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