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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (A Little Late)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! (a little late).

I was on the road, so the other night I went out and had Thai food then walked around a little. I’m in a downtown area with a lot of bars so many people were out for the holiday.

I had a brief conversation with an apparently homeless guy about the bad drivers, and how the cops bugged him about collecting palm fronds. “But I told them my friend who works at the restaurant said it’s OK!” I told him somebody needs to keep an eye on things, and he agreed. I bid him a good night and went toward the festivities.

A young guy who was with another young guy and girl asked me if he could ask me something, and I assumed it was for directions or something, so I stopped. It turns out they were talking to people about Jesus, and I told them I was a Christian if not a good one, but the guy still wanted me to pray the salvation prayer with them so I requested we join hands and we did. (The salvation prayer? Or what do they call it?) I asked them to let me pray, and they agreed, so I prayed for them in their evangelical work and for the people out on Saint Patrick’s Day.

It’s a good day to evangelize. I guess the had the idea the streets would be full of drunk sinners in need of salvation, which of course it was. Saint Patrick is remembered for his evangelization of Ireland, so it’s really a good day to evangelize. I doubt most Baptists think of it that way, but it is.


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