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Pursue Holiness

I was in a small Southern city, in a Starbucks, and a girl of about ten comes in with her family. She had a t-shirt on that said “Pursue Holiness” and then a reference below it, 2 Corinthians I think but I couldn’t see too well.

Good advice, if hard to follow. I had been thinking about this recently. The girl was nobody special. She comes from an average family in an average place. Her parents know enough to give her guidance, although how well it will stick we can’t tell.

But how many people even know this? How many professed Christians, even? Society says do what you want, and most Christians go along with that. For Rob Bell, as an example, the worst sin, and the only real one, is racism. Lots of other progressive Christians promote homosexuality and other kinds of sexual degeneracy.

So let us pursue holiness. It feels awful lonely but we have our instructions.



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